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Principal's Message for March

Principal’s Message

May 8, 2017

Hello Sleepy Hollow Families,

We have entered the home stretch of another fantastic school year!  This one marks a special benchmark for me as now I have seen one entire Sleepy Hollow generation move through our school from kindergarten to fifth grade.  There have been many changes in the six years I have been here.  We weathered budget cuts, the Sears EDA extension, and watched ISAT turn into PARCC as we brought in the Common Core State Standards.  We adopted Math Expressions and now have one year of experience with our ELA program, Wonders.  Art has been reintegrated into the curriculum and now we have STEM class as well.  Anyone remember when the parking lots were crumbling, gravel messes with potholes that could be seen from space?

Very soon we are going to start the process for classroom placements for the 2017-2018 school year.  The classroom assignment of each child is carefully planned by the student's current teacher, grade level team, and other staff members involved in the student's learning, including me.  We use a comprehensive sorting system that takes into consideration factors such as learning styles, abilities, personalities, social needs, class size, special services, and gender ratios.  We cannot accept parental requests for specific teachers.  The classroom assignment process is very complex and I will ask that you rely on our professional judgment.  Please do not ask your child's current teacher for a specific teacher next year as this puts them in an uncomfortable position.  You will be able to see your child's classroom assignment in the Parent Portal on August 4th

The year is not quiet over yet!  We still are working hard in the classrooms and many exciting events remain like Field Day, the Parent Volunteer breakfast, and Top Mile Challenge.  Thank you for a great 2016-2017 school year!

Thanks for reading the Ledger!  Feel free to contact me at 224-484-4900 or by email at

Jason Lentz


Sleepy Hollow Elementary School


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