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Report Cards

This year our system of reporting student progress has changed considerably.  Our old report card has been replaced by a new report card based on the Common Core State Standards (CCSS).  All elementary schools in the district will now operate on quarters instead of trimesters with a midterm report in the middle of each quarter.  The reason for the change is vested in the adoption by Illinois and nearly every other state in the Common Core Standards.  There is no doubt that the rigor and expectations have increased.  For more information about the CCSS please visit

I participated on the district level committee along with other district administrators and teachers to create the new report card.  While it is based on the CCSS it does not include every standard.  We sought to define the “big ticket” items that will allow us to accurately report on student progress without overburdening parents with too much information.

One of the critical attributes of our report card is that it is a “Standards-Based Report Card.”  The focus is on growth over time by reporting on the end-of-year standards.  This means that the grades you see for first quarter use the expectations for what students should know at the end of the year.  Naturally, student grades will be lower at the beginning of the year and parents should expect that there may be “1s” and certainly “2s” on the report cards early in the school year.  This is does not mean that students are performing with deficits.  Students have the entire year to work toward meeting the standards.  Throughout the course of the year, students will continue to grow and so will their grades.  The question to ask is “How does the child perform on this standard?”  Academic grades will not include such factors as attendance, homework, extra credit, and behavior.  While these are important indicators they do not tell us if a child has mastered a concept.  There is a separate section on the report card for “Learner Characteristics” that will include information about a student’s behavior and habits.       

Halfway through each quarter there will a midterm report.  These reports are “snapshots” and only a piece of information on how our students are performing.  These reports measure students against expectations for that particular time of year.  So the AIMSweb reports that you received recently, measured your child(ren) on the expectations for the beginning of the year. 

  • Mid-Term Progress Reports
    • Quarter 1 – AIMSweb report
    • Quarter 2 – Parent/Teacher Conference
    • Quarter 3 – AIMSweb report
    • Quarter 4 – AIMSweb report

The first report card will be coming home on October 23rd with your child.  Please feel free to contact me at 224-484-4900 or by email at

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