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Principal’s Message for December

Dear Sleepy Hollow Students,

This is officially my first principal’s message written to you, instead of your parents.  Of course, it’s totally okay if you want to share it with them. 

We are almost to the halfway point of the school year and I like to reflect back to what we have accomplished.  I think the holiday season is always a good time to do that.  So far this school year has been outstanding!  Here are some reasons why I think each one of you has helped make this school year so great:

  • You have adjusted to a new math program.  It’s so new that even mom and dad sometimes have a hard time helping at home but you keep on rolling with it!
  • You Rock the 3R’s better than any year since I have been your principal.  I really, really mean that!  I even have proof!
  • You know the 8 Keys of Excellence and provide great examples for the...
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