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Dear Sleepy Hollow Families,

Principal’s Message, 11-1-14

What are we all to do without our Vampires, Zombie Brides, and Princesses running around for another year?  I guess we will just have to accept our children for who they are when they are not Mummies, Werewolves, or Goblins.  If you prefer them as the aforementioned monsters, you are probably not completely alone, but I would recommend not sharing that with others, ever. 

I will soooo miss those funky spiders that tended to show up randomly… 

Report cards were sent home about a week ago.  I want to point out a misprint in the cover letter that you received with your child’s report card.  The language in “meets standards” should read as it does below.  

Exceeds Standard (4) - The student applies knowledge independently, thoroughly, and consistently.

Meets Standards (3)-The student applies knowledge...

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